Please and Thank You, People.

Please and Thank You, people. Please and Thank You.

When you say Please and Thank You, you acknowledge that the person you are speaking to is a human being with their own will. You acknowledge that every person has an option to say “No”. No one HAS to do what you ask.

What if I am the boss and I sign his paycheck? He can still say no and risk being fired and leaving you in a lurch. So say Please and Thank You.

What if I am the parent and he is my child? He can still say no and risk being timed out or spanked and leaving you with huge therapy bills in their teen years. So say Please and Thank You.

What if I am the patron and he gets paid to serve me? He can leave you waiting longer for your food or, worse, spit in your food. So say Please and Thank You.

I actually had a boss tell me not to say Please because it is a sign of weakness. “Just state what they must do”, she would say. “It’s their job.” Well, no one liked her. And she couldn’t get anything done without invoking names of higher powers. How much easier would it have been to add a Please and a Thank You? You are not conceding your authority or position on an issue. You are acknowledging that we live in a civil society and that everyone has a right to choose.

Please and Thank You are three little words that convey respect and appreciation. What other words are as economical in building good will and lubricating the wheels of society?

So, please, say Please and Thank You.

Thank You.

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