Dear Santa

One of the challenges of working from home is the morning routine. Get up, get dressed, get kids fed, get them out the door, and then…work. All this must be done by 8am each morning.

This morning, we were running late, really late. I had just set the kids in front of their breakfast when I had to start my 8am meeting. SO was still upstairs taking a shower. And since I was the host, I couldn’t “attend” on mute.

But Mui came to my rescue. She finished her breakfast, helped Didi with his, cleaned him off, got him down from his chair, gave him a cookie, brought him to the playroom, and distracted him while I conducted my meeting. He only wandered into my office once. But Mui immediately called him to the playroom again. Didi was having so much fun with his sister, that he refused to leave for school.

Mui has been such a huge help to me and such a great big sister this year. I hope you bring her what she asked for.

Thanks and Merry Christmas,


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