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The Sun Alumni Reunion was last Saturday.  I bought tickets as soon as they went on sale several months ago. I didn’t care that they were $160 per person. I didn’t care whether anyone I knew would be there. I missed Sun and wanted to bask in its light just a little longer.

I started at Sun in 2002 as an MBA intern. I did not join Sun at the height. I was there during the struggles and hard decisions. I was there when Sun had to do it’s first major lay-off. I was there when SUNW became JAVA. I was there when even JAVA became no more. But I learned from and loved every minute of it.

Sun shaped me and my career path. I learned to agree to disagree and then commit. I learned that to make things happen, I have to contribute. I learned that the key is not doing what I was passionate about, but to be passionate about what I was doing. I learned that to succeed, I have to listen. I learned that leadership is more like parenting than being a drill sergeant. I learned that my job was to do what was right, even if it was not popular. I learned not to ask for permission, but do and then ask for forgiveness. I learned that you CAN run a company and still treat everyone as individuals and with humanity.

The reunion was closure. I reconnected with friends and bosses and colleagues. Some traveled from far and wide. I was amongst people who still share Sun’s vision and passion. But everyone had also moved on. We took with us what we learned at Sun and focused on applying them to other companies, other careers. I don’t know that I will ever be able to work for another Sun. But I can make my little corner of the world as Sun-like as possible, kicking butt and having fun.

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What I Learned from My MIL

Let’s lay the groundwork. I don’t get along with my MIL. So it is with reluctance and took a long time for me to admit I learned anything from her. Now that we are done with that. Here it is. She taught me how to receive gifts graciously.

She would get me stuff. All manner of stuff.  That she thought I would like. That showed me she knew me. Some bordered on offensive, like the book Dance of Anger. Others I just didn’t get, like holiday themed paper plates and napkins. And it would all demonstrate exactly how little she did know me. But she was trying to make me happy. And I would be dismissive of her gifts and her effort.

One day MIL told me how her mother was the sweetest woman she knew. That her mother would never think to not appreciate a gift. She may not like the gift, but she never showed it. If it was not something she could use, she would pass it on. I resisted. I am an honest person. I have integrity. I would never abandon my principles just so someone would feel better. And then I had children.

Children can be ungrateful imps. And I am often hurt by their brutal honesty. So I teach my children that honesty is a good thing but it does not mean you have to voice all things, honest or not, if it served nothing but to hurt. My MIL would never understand my taste or my style. So I will say thank you. And if it doesn’t work for me, I will pass it on. “

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Relieving hunger and your poor vocabulary, one grain at a time

I was listening to NPR this morning (about the only thing I miss about commuting to work) and they were talking about this internet site that is being used as an education tool and a means to bring awareness to hunger.

You pick the from a list of four words the synonym for the word displayed. For every word you get right, 20 grains of rice will be donated through the UN for hunger relief. Doesn’t seem like a lot, but they have donated about 9B grains since inception.

I got to level 41. BTW – Procelyte means convert, not smell.

Check it out. You better the world and yourself. Well, your vocabulary, anyway.

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Not so young anymore

Per tradition, our team went out last night as it was the last day of our team meeting. My boss loves the Old Pro in Palo Alto, so we always start there and end up at Rudy’s when the Old Pro shuts down. Last night we went to Rudy’s earlier than usual as we wanted to dance.

At Rudy’s, I made friends with these girls so that we could use the back of their chairs as coat racks. They asked me what school I went to. School? I have not been in school in eons. Turns out these girls were 25. Young, just like the rest of the people there. Felt kinda old amongst all these college kids. Which brings me to the question, can you be a cougar at 33? Not that I am one, just wanted to know.

The guys I was with thought it was so weird that after knowing each other for 5 seconds, me and these girls would have already exchanged info about what school we attend and how old we were. I suppose it could be, but girls just share. Especially when they don’t feel threatened.

So, I spent the evening pretending to be young and single. Good thing I am neither. I don’t think I can regularly wake up to aching feet and a headache.

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Twitter, here I come

I just set up my Twitter account per Skrocki’s suggestion. Now I need to figure out how this thing works.

P.S. Good idea on providing twitter id: nonstick. Thx, Skrocki.

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Holidays bring out the worst in people

I was at Target last weekend. ‘Nuff said.

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Toll Parkways? Huh?

I am on a business trip in Dallas this week. I am beginning to get used to the toll parkway thing. My first time through, I expected a person collecting toll. Unfortunately, I was on the exact change lane, overshot the bucket and could not back up.

My second time through, I was ready. I had a dollar bill in hand. Dammit. It says coins only. I threw my dollar bill in and it made it, but it did not register.

Now I carry a bunch of coins in the cup holder of my rental car. I still have to slow down to toss the coins, to the dismay of the drivers behind me, but I am not setting off the red light and buzzer anymore.

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I am such a pain

I drop a lot of money at BR, the Gap, and Old Navy and wanted to take advantage of the free alterations that comes with a Luxe membership. I called to check to see how far I was from the $800 threshold. Hmm. Doesn’t sound right. So I speak to a rep. She tells me that only purchases at BR count. But I was on the website and it said purchases across all the Gap businesses. So I told her so. She tells me that it’s only for the BR Visa, but the website says for both Visa and BR card.

I then ask for a supervisor because I was annoyed. The supervisor validated the policy per the website, but the qualifying purchases were still at $250. I know that is not true. I use Quicken to track my expenses, so I can say exactly how much I spent, where and when and it is more like $500.

Now here is where you will see my personality and my family’s bain. I had made about $700 worth of purchases in the last 2 weeks that they have not counted yet. That would put me over the $800 threshold even with their inaccurate $250, but I could not let go the BR’s inaccurate accounting. I argued with them and finally, they agreed to send my account to be reviewed by the Luxe manager. I am such a pain. When I am right, I need people to acknowledge I am right. My husband finds it endearing. Not.

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Put seat belts on your kids, people

I was driving home with my kid yesterday and noticed that the two kids in the car behind me did not have seat belts on. The little girl in the back could not have been more than 6. The little boy in the front was about 8. Both of them were bouncing around in the car while we waited for the light to turn green. I really wanted to get out of the car and yell at the mom. I should have had my 3 year old tell them the importance of seat belts and helmuts.

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Elmo is Lethal

According to BusinessWeek, Mattel is recalling toys made in China because they were coated in lead paint. Egad! My kid has been chewing on Elmo and Dora since birth. This might explain her bad behavior of late.

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